Bipollen 250g

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1 x 250g

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Innehåller hela b-vitamn spektrat, proteiner, enzymer, fettsyror och antioxidanter. En riktig näringsbomb i litet format.
Ät dem som de är, blanda i 1tsk i smoothien eller favoritfrukosten, juicer mm. Smakar blommig sommaräng.
Bee pollen has been consumed as a health food for centuries and is commonly considered as one of nature’s most perfect superfoods.Pollen is the natural male seed of flower blossom. During flower nectar collection, pollen attaches to various parts of the honeybee. After returning to the hive, the bee enhances the pollen through a process called lactic fermentation, producing a sweet nutrient rich granule.Every stage of the life of our bee pollen is kept to strict organic and ethical standards. This ensures nothing is added or altered, keeping the nutrients in their natural state for you to benefit and enjoy with peace of mind.Suggested use – introduce gradually, then consume 5 grams daily added to breakfast cereals, porridge, smoothies, juices, yoghurt, salads, baking etc. Let your imagination run free.

We source and stock only the highest quality organic superfoods.

We are licensed organic by the UK Soil Association.

We donate 10% of our net profits to charity.


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